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Welcome to The Imperial Conquest Development Home Page


    6/3/02: We are changing the theme and setting of the game, it will now be a galactic empire game set in the Qual universe (don't ask about the name!). I still need Sound Artists who will work for free, also need people to join development team. Poll will be changed on 6/9 because so few votes have been cast. I will soon be adding a links page at the bottom where you can submit links that are related to this site. A tutorial section being planned. First one will be on Multi-Threading in Win32 to create a simple demo which lets you type text onto the screen. Threads will be used for user input and special effects. We are working on making this site into an online community. Visit the Sound Designer page and the links page.

    5/14/02: Traffic is picking up slightly, I am adding a tutorial section!

    5/13/02: Visit here Please help with Terrain Problem

    Vote and join our development team

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